The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen

The Heart of the Kingdom has been destroyed and now it’s up to Munchausen to save the day in The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen! With the light and prosperity of his kingdom gone, the king has no choice but to marry his daughter to an unknown stranger in exchange for a huge sum of money. Sensing the stranger’s evil, she writes to Munchausen who must now stop the wedding inThe Surprising Adventures of Munchausen!

  • Dozens of unique mini-games
  • Challenging brain-teasers
  • Association-based hidden object search
  • Beautiful animation
  • Restore the Heart of the Kingdom!

- by Ever
Increíble de genialidad e imaginación

- by Miladyad
Новая Дудл игра На этот раз кроме основной игры есть 3 мини-игры очень интересные, плюс игра про рыцаря.

- by 蒉美周针
给力的游戏 好玩是好玩,就是要花钱,国产游戏能达到这种高度可以了,哈哈我一直在公众呺格林侠客上面玩很多游戏的石皮解版,直接满V啊!什么时候开通交易,不可交易玩着都快没劲了!爱不释手爱不释手挺不错的挺不错的好玩很好玩还不错还行好好玩很好的软件我很高兴认识这个软件老妈要玩的还可以哈非常好玩,游戏做的很认真,很具有可玩性,建议大家下载。

- by Cool Girl 270
Fun Creations A great game that anyone would love

- by Amy Cowan
Classic Very addictive classic :)

- by Bjørn
Genialt! Fantastisk spill når du har lagt ungene og slapper av på sofa'n... Verdt hver eneste hardt opptjente krone! :-)

- by adiep410

- by Jakob

- by Ninjaman256
Great Fun game

- by MDR PKR
Awsome This game is awesome.Just give it updates and it will be fabulous.