Doodle Tanks

It’s Time to Go to War!
From the creators of the award winning Doodle God & Doodle Devil comes a new ALL ages puzzle game with a fun historical twist.
Combine artillery and other elements to create dozens of World War II tanks and armored vehicles.
Start with four basic elements and watch your creations come alive as you create historically accurate tanks and armored vehicles that once rolled across Europe and Africa. Along the way, learn about the historic events and designers that shaped the outcome of the free world.
It’s time to go to War in Doodle Tanks!

  • Available in 6 languages: English, German, French, Russian, Spain, & Portuguese
  • Dozens of Tank and Armored Vehicles to Engineer and Build
  • Over 80 reactions to perform and over 100 elements to combine
  • Learn about the legends of Tank & Armored Vehicle Design
  • ALL ages puzzle fun with a historical twist

- by Shervin7777
Coool! I hope new updates contain other nations Great game! add planes and artillery too

- by Logan James ferguson
Needs new things Add more nations, and make more fun like the other Doodle games, it does feel like chore trying to get the parts

- by Dirtydeezy32
Awesome Very well designed puzzle game. Had great graphics and actions that help make this a fun game.

- by
Good game. You should not be able to recreate the items you have already created as it then resets the groups so you have to open them again. If you create something it should also not go back to geberal overview but should stay where you created the item. PS I'm the first one :D definitely worth buying the game.

- by Murrrrppped
Great game needs more Good and similar to the others, but you need an option to give us free reactions/ hints through ads or just over time. Especially since we paid for the game. Also needs more content. I have finished everything with nothing to do now.

- by
Уау! Не зря я деньги тратил. Супер!

- by 南笙嘉
之前游编给的码,我把测评复制上来吧。 前言:涂鸦上帝当年很火的说,没玩过的去玩玩吧。这家的开发商好像做上瘾了,自涂鸦上帝始,相继有涂鸦恶魔,涂鸦农场,涂鸦王国等游戏诞生。 进入游戏, 即使之前并没有玩过涂鸦上帝的经验,但是在刚进入游戏时就有一段游戏教程。教你如何选择两个元素并合并组成新元素。初始元素就4个,然后我一路蒙过来,现在终于通关了,最终能创造出的元素有105个…… 综上所述,评分如下(10分制): 操作性:8,玩过涂鸦上帝的童鞋可以轻松上手,没有玩过的童鞋也能经过教程轻松上手。 画面:7,看多了也就那样吧,不算精致。 音乐:7,全局进行曲的音乐,选择元素时是金属丁零咣当的声音,组合成功时则是激昂的声音。 游戏性:7,不得不说,现在版本还是很简约的,只有苏联的元素,玩多了也会很烦躁哒。下个版本巨期待德国的虎式。

- by

- by Приколы но но...
Обновления Главное не забывайте обновлять и добавлять танки все стран и еще непонятно как сделать башню гайка вообще непонятно уже все перепробовал!

- by MattiaScarpa
Lack of nations The game is real cool but there will be other nations or just the CCCP?