Doodle Tanks

It’s Time to Go to War!
From the creators of the award winning Doodle God & Doodle Devil comes a new ALL ages puzzle game with a fun historical twist.
Combine artillery and other elements to create dozens of World War II tanks and armored vehicles.
Start with four basic elements and watch your creations come alive as you create historically accurate tanks and armored vehicles that once rolled across Europe and Africa. Along the way, learn about the historic events and designers that shaped the outcome of the free world.
It’s time to go to War in Doodle Tanks!

  • Available in 6 languages: English, German, French, Russian, Spain, & Portuguese
  • Dozens of Tank and Armored Vehicles to Engineer and Build
  • Over 80 reactions to perform and over 100 elements to combine
  • Learn about the legends of Tank & Armored Vehicle Design
  • ALL ages puzzle fun with a historical twist

- by
Отлично Умная и красивая игра о танках.

- by Devowal
Love this game The best doodle game

- by
Хорошая игра

- by Dmitry
Интересно. Отгадал ветку советских танков. Дальше танки будут? Или я просто не знаю как с одной на другую переключится?

- by d0k
Отличная игра! Легко, познавательно и исторично. Мне нравится!)

- by volt1up
Tank-tastic Wow this app takes a really original concept and executes wonderfully. It has a neat historical twist. I like the historical accuracy, it really draws me in when I'm in control and designing tanks.

- by james
Could do with a little more content to start with apart from that really enjoyed it nothing was wrong it did freeze my phone the first time on 99% but I restated my phone it worked brill. Sometimes it can be really slow. What cant you love about tank games

- by Борис

- by
Gutes Spiel Ist mal etwas neues hingegen Alchemie und Konsorten, bezieht sich auf die Entwicklung von Pnazer und wer lesen und verstehen kann für den ist es auch am Anfang einfach Dinge zu kombinieren. Der Preis ist etwas hoch angesetzt aber grundsätzlich lohnt es sich für jeden der auch nur annähernd sich für Geschichte und Panzer interessiert!

- by Toby
Great game! Works great on the Nokia Lumia 1020