Doodle Farm

Put on your boots and cowboy hat and head to Doodle Farm! Ever wondered what would happen if you combined a dog with a turtle? In a universe of thousands of adorable animals that allows you to breed what ever your heart desires you can find out. Start with four simple creatures and watch in wonder as you build a gigantic and fantastical animal kingdom from your bare hands (well almost bare anyway:).

  • Create 135+ different animals!
  • Tons of funny quotes, sayings and jokes!
  • Simple one-click gameplay makes playing fun and easy!
  • Extra Expert Mode for more super-fun play!
  • A kid-friendly and educational gameplay!
  • Learn more about every animal you create!

- by
Bom Melhor doodle

- by foreverblonde99
good its good

- by benjaminfox
Great Game This was a great game. The changing frames was ingenious. The game needs to be longer.

- by Blowfish1313
Awesome sauce!! I love these games. They are so much fun trying to determine what will make what!! Love them!

- by Musen80
Godt Lidt for hurtig at gennemfører har klaret det på 3 timer. Vil man have et godt grin så er det spillet, de hvad du skal krydse for at lave nye dyre arder jeg har ligget flad af grin.

- by Little Lovely Love
Fun This is a fun game u can make so many different elments

- by
Ivana Sjajno. Extra. Sjajno. Extra. Sjajno. Extra

- by
Good Game

- by Toystoryalien5
Awesome game I loved it but it should have an okapi and a liger and a orangoutang and a wolf and a leaf and and a slug and a seahorse and a x ray fish and red panda and a werewolf and a Nessie and an ardvark which is also called an earth pig lastly an emu.

- by Moteer
Very fun I finished this game in one day because of how addicting it is, but none of the combos make sense.