Doodle Devil

Embrace your dark side!

While Doodle God was creating the universe, Doodle Devil was also having some fun. The same addictive, puzzle game play that made Doodle God a hit is back but with an evil twist. Discover the seven deadly sins and watch as the world crumbles at your fingertips as you create thousands of dastardly deeds. Combine fire, earth, wind & air to create demons, beasts, zombies… and much more!

  • Destroy the Universe using a human and an apple!
  • Invent 157 advanced items and concepts!
  • Devil Slots with Devil Coins!
  • The legendary one-click gameplay for creating or destroying the Universe on your Phone!
  • Hundreds of interesting, funny and thought-provoking quotes and sayings!

- by Crohnie lexy
Amazing Enjoyable fun difficult. Superb. It really makes you think and focus on what you want to do. Couple of things. Sometimes I tap the boxes and they end up moving along into another one and they shift quite a lot. Could do without that as it makes it difficult to play. And why do you charge different prices for different phones? It's ridiculous. It's an amazing game and people want to buy it. Quite disappointed the developers are just after the money. It's £1.49 on my mums HTC phone. Don't get why they're different and just seems like the developers are money grabbing. Have faith in your game. People will love it. But sort out the prices. It's ridiculous and why I only rated 4 stars. Fix the price and I'll rate it 5.

- by Shierlina
very fun Love it~love it

- by Bullitz07
Fun game It's an amusing way to spend some time. I'm puzzled as to why this is my 3rd review where the previous two never made it. Maybe this will... Anyway, nice organization of categories too

- by David Kutys
Doodle Devil Great game! Thanks to E. for the recommendation. Challenging and fun.

- by Седада
Так себе Щштшнмнмтщьзльь

- by Tonje Kårevik
Doodle Devil Morsomt og lærerikt kunne spillet hele natta.

- by
Kk K

- by Wwaagvhhchj
Hi I thought it was pretty good Good George bush would have loved it.

- by Pupi82
Da avere!!! Molto interessante!!

- by Shady_Griffin
It's pretty good I did find it annoying to have to keep buying pentagon powers and found it frustrating to lose money on the Devil slots.....but, it was pretty fun and cool with all of the stuff you could make. I like it better than doodle god just because of the things you can make.

"Everything we loved about Doodle God is back for a second go round. A good presentation, smart quotes, and fun combinations make this just as fun as the original."


"Easy to play, super polished, and with a fantastic sense of humor in the quotes that display with each new element discovery, there’s a lot to love about Doodle Devil!"