Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows

When a chemical spill wrecks havoc next to a nature preserve, all sorts of creatures come crawling out of the forest…including behemoths better left in the shadows. Scattered sightings are reported, but when Linda encounters something in her own backyard, it all becomes a little too real! Uncover the truth as Linda goes in search of a legend and winds up fighting for her very survival in this seek-and-find mystery. Does Bigfoot exist? Depends on who you ask…but something is lumbering into the light, and it’s not happy!

  • Unlock Bigfoot facts as you play
  • Rescue animals to earn hints
  • Hunt the legendary Bigfoot!

- by Voodooblack3525
Make a frickin update ya lazy bastrds!!!!! This game has such a bad idea of mixing things but what happens is once you make something you just can't stop! That's what happened to me. I made lava, etc. And then the game just clung onto me! Well, I do sound like a d-bag but all in all- an iffy

- by PP
bueno Recomendamos

- by Ajdebodciu
Great, great, great game! Can't wait 'till next game comes out!

- by Mrjcolella
Great Great

- by :) rocks like me
:) Luv it

- by Maddie.1995
That was aweosome Best game I've got can't wait till update hope it's tomorrow but it probably won't be but please say it's free

- by Telly16
Best iPod game ever!!!! Doodle god is majorly worth 99 cents. It'll keep you occupied for a long time. A great buy!

- by mariana

- by Dawid
Fajna gra

- by Dmp1986
Anticlimactic without updates Totally addicting through parts one and two, though definitely maddening at times (what's the difference between a ghost and a ghoul?, ex.) but when I finished creating all the elements I was really annoyed that I couldn't do anything more with them. Toward the last 20 or so elements, it feels less creative and more like a guessing game as to what was in the creators' minds.